Your AI-powered technical writer

Are you a developer who wants to write like a technical writer?

AI to Write is a Visual Studio Code extension that helps you 2X the quality and speed of your doc writing.

You can cycle through alternative suggestions, choose which to accept, and manually edit the suggested text.

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Get writing superpowers

Instantly raise the bar on your doc writing skills.

  • Expand

    Expand your selected text. 

  • Grammar

    Fix grammar errors in your text.

  • Metrics

    See statistics for your writing speed.

  • Shorten

    Summarize your selected text. 

  • Reword

    Find synonyms for words.

  • Rephrase

    Get ideas to rephrase your text.

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  • Google cloud for startups
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Why AI to Write?

Github survey -> The #1 reason why software products don't gain traction is incomplete or confusing documentation

Stack Overflow survey -> 80% of developers learn how to use your product through the official documentation.

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  • Problem

    Your product might not have dedicated technical writers. It's hard to write well-structured sentences and documents.

  • Solution

    AI to Write is a VS code extension that uses AI to help you write clear documentation that your users will love.

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