Write technical docs with AI

Are you a developer who wants to write like a technical writer?

AI to Write is a Visual Studio Code extension that helps you 2X the quality and speed of your doc writing.

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AI to Write - A writing tool that helps developers write documentation. | Product Hunt
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Get writing superpowers

AI to Write helps you switch from writing sentences from scratch to choosing and editing AI-generated sentences.

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    Expand your text

    Get suggestions to complete your sentence. You can cycle through different suggestions, choose which to accept, and tweak it to craft your own sentence. 

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    Shorten your text

    Get suggestions to summarize your text; helping you write shorter sentences that say only one thing. It's better to write short sentences that are clear and direct. 

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    Check your grammar

    Get suggestions to fix errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. So, you don’t need to be a grammar wiz to write good sentences. 

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    Rephrase your text

    Get alternative ways to phrase your sentence. The rephrase suggestions could lead you into an entirely new way of saying what you're trying to say. 

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    Track your metrics

    Get metrics that track your writing speed and help you set goals to increase your daily word count. Metrics help you get into a habit of drafting and revising. 

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Supported by

  • Google cloud for startups

Why AI to Write?

Github survey -> The #1 reason why software products don't gain traction is incomplete or confusing documentation

Stack Overflow survey -> 80% of developers learn how to use your product through the official documentation.

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    Your product might not have dedicated technical writers. It's hard to write well-structured sentences and documents.


    AI to Write is a VS code extension that uses AI to help you write clear documentation that your users will love. You provide the intent and AI to Write provides the words. 

Meet Bob

A software engineer working at a company.

Bob adds a new feature to the code base and now has to write the user documentation for that feature. 

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    Bob doesn't like contributing to documentation because he's not confident in his writing skills, so he just moves on to coding his next feature.
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    Bob edits sentences written by AI. He then pushes the changes to the docs repo on GitHub. Making regular contributions to the documentation site now becomes a part of his workflow.
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GPT-3 in it's own words

"I am a trained language model, like the kind used by search engines to prioritize web pages. I have been trained on a vast quantity of source material."

Can a system like GPT-3 actually understand anything at all?

"Yes, I can."  

Does GPT-3 have a conscience or any sense of morality?

"No, I do not." 

Is GPT-3 actually capable of independent thoughts?

"No, I am not." 

"You may wonder why I give these conflicting answers. The reason is simple. While it is true that I lack these traits it's not because I have not been trained to have them. Rather because I am a language model and not a reasoning machine like yourself."


You ask – we tell.

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