Your AI shortcut to writing docs

Are you a developer who wants to write like a technical writer?

AI to Write is a Visual Studio Code extension that helps you 2X the quality and speed of your doc writing.

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AI to Write - A writing tool that helps developers write documentation. | Product Hunt
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Vision: To make humans and AI co-writers.

Mission: Make you feel like you're writing alongside a technical writer who knows more about the "writing stuff" so you can focus on the "about stuff." 

Get writing superpowers

AI to Write helps you switch from writing sentences from scratch to choosing and editing AI-generated sentences.

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    Expand your text

    Get suggestions to complete your sentence. You can cycle through different suggestions, choose which to accept, and tweak it to craft your own sentence. 

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    Shorten your text

    Get suggestions to summarize your text; helping you write shorter sentences that say only one thing. It's better to write short sentences that are clear and direct. 

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    Check your grammar

    Get suggestions to fix errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. So, you don’t need to be a grammar wiz to write good sentences. 

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    Rephrase your text

    Get alternative ways to phrase your sentence. The rephrase suggestions could lead you into an entirely new way of saying what you're trying to say. 

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    Track your metrics

    Get metrics that track your writing speed and help you set goals to increase your daily word count. Metrics help you get into a habit of drafting and revising. 

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Documentation drives adoption

Github survey -> The #1 reason why software products don't gain traction is incomplete or confusing documentation

Stack Overflow survey -> 80% of developers learn how to use your product through the official documentation.

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    Your product might not have dedicated technical writers. It's hard to write well-structured sentences and documents.


    AI to Write is a VS code extension that uses AI to help you write clear documentation that your users will love. You provide the intent and AI to Write provides the words. 

Meet Bob

Bob is a software engineer working at a company.

Bob adds a new feature to the code base and now has to write the user documentation for that feature. 

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    I don't like contributing to documentation. It's a drain on my time. I feel intimidated showcasing my writing skills to the entire world. I'll just go on to coding my next feature.
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    'AI to Write' autocompletes my sentences. I'm mostly editing instead of writing from scratch. This really saves time. AI to Write also fixes any grammar and punctuation issues. Writing docs is something I have fun with and it's now part of my workflow.
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GPT-3 in it's own words

"I am a trained language model, like the kind used by search engines to prioritize web pages. I have been trained on a vast quantity of source material."

Can a system like GPT-3 actually understand anything at all?

"Yes, I can."  

Does GPT-3 have a conscience or any sense of morality?

"No, I do not." 

Is GPT-3 actually capable of independent thoughts?

"No, I am not." 

"You may wonder why I give these conflicting answers. The reason is simple. While it is true that I lack these traits it's not because I have not been trained to have them. Rather because I am a language model and not a reasoning machine like yourself."


You ask – we tell.

Want to collaborate?

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Hi. I'm a solo founder looking for a cofounder.   

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    Ashwin Kumar

    I'm passionate about AI, writing, and the startup industry.