Top 11 GPT-3 Business Categories

published on 14 March 2022

What's GPT-3?

In July 2020, OpenAI released Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3)—a natural language generation model. GPT-3 is trained using the largest dataset that any language model has had access to. Unlike standard neural networks, generative neural networks like GPT-3 can generate novel text.

GPT-3 is created by pitting two networks with complementary learning objectives against each other. Such networks are called generative adversarial networks or GANs. The generator network creates potential outputs, while the discriminator network prevents poor outputs from being generated.

What can GPT-3 do?

GPT-3 takes in any sentence prompt and returns suggestions to complete that sentence. The suggestions match the style and voice of the text that you provide in the training phase. The suggestions often seem human-written. You can tweak the ones that you're interested in and ignore the ones you don't care about. If you're writing fiction, these suggestions could lead you into something entirely new and unexpected.

GPT-3 pushes AI to it's limits. Given a partial phrase, it can produce possible sentence completions; given a topic sentence, it can produce possible paragraphs; given a question, it can produce possible answers; given some topic, it can draft a possible essay; given a dialogue, it can produce a transcript of a possible conversation.

GPT-3 as a writing partner

Completing sentences of highly technical documents, which GPT-3 can do, requires sophisticated skills that humans spend years developing in higher education. With  perceptions of realities complementary to humans, GPT-3 might emerge as an effective writing partner for humans. 

Collaborating with GPT-3 lets you write stories that are more interesting than the ones that you write on your own. It’s the first step in transforming machines—which, until now, have been our tools—into our partners.

Here’s a list of a few GPT-3 startups categorized based on business problems:

1. Write Fiction

Collaborate with AI to write creative fiction.

2. Write Code

Describe your algorithm in plain text and leave it to AI to write the code.

3. Write Marketing Content

Autogenerate personalized Ad copy.

4. Write Emails

Turn bullet points into complete emails.

5. Recruit Employees

Write a job description that attracts the perfect candidate.

6. Learn Anything

Learn from conversing with AI that explains topics like Elon, Einstein, Turing, or Gandhi would.

7. Chat Messaging

Talk to a bot instead of a customer support rep, a life coach, or even a friend.

8. Create Designs

Work in tandem with AI to create aesthetic designs.

9. Build Games

Design immersive games with AI.

10. Create Videos

Create pictures and videos that are deepfakes.

11. AI companions

Fall in love with your own AI avatar.

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